Spring Limited Batch: Blueberry Granola Almond Butter

Today is a great day – our newest Limited Batch is here, and it’s perfect for spring and summer! INTRODUCING: BLUEBERRY GRANOLA ALMOND BUTTER!

Blueberry Granola Almond Butter.
Limited Batch Blueberry Granola Almond Butter is fruit-forward and the first of its kind, featuring a smooth almond butter base, crunchy granola, dried Michigan blueberries, pure blueberry powder, and toasted macadamia nuts. We’ve perfectly balanced this nut butter’s fruity, toasty, and crunchy goodness with organic Vermont maple syrup and Jacobsen sea salt to create a final product that – like the springtime – wakes up all the senses. We’re spreading Blueberry Granola Almond Butter on toasted bagels, dolloping it on bowls of fruit, adding it to oatmeal, and spooning it straight from the jar.

Also like spring, this Limited Batch nut butter is here for a good time but not for a long time. We’ll offer Blueberry Granola through June 30, so order early, and order often!  

Click here to snag your jars today. We promise – you'll be anything but blue when they arrive! 😊 

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