INTRODUCING: Limited Batch Oat Milk Mocha

13 oz glass jar of Oat Milk Mocha nut butter with almonds, cashews, coffee beans, and chocolate spread out on a yellow/orange background

Inspired by one of our favorite coffee drinks at French Truck Coffee in New Orleans, our new Limited Batch Oat Milk Mocha Almond Butter combines fresh-roasted heirloom Mission almonds with French Truck’s “La Belle Noir” coffee, TCHO oat milk chocolate, organic maple syrup, and Jacobsen Sea Salt. A dream years in the making, this deliciously rich nut butter is the first to use a vegan oat milk chocolate and coffee to create a “mocha” flavor profile, and we hope you love the result as much as we do.  


Can we all agree that chocolate and coffee are one of the greatest duos in history? With more than 800 and 1,000 chemical compounds, respectively, chocolate (Theobroma cacao) and coffee (Coffea arabica) are two of the most complex plants in nature. We can all be grateful that our ancestors developed crafts around roasting and preparing the seeds of these plants, thereby making our lives more interesting, romantic, and delicious.  


Thanks to the Caffè al Bicerin in eighteenth-century Turin, Italy, a drink made from coffee, chocolate, and cream known as the bicerin became popular and eventually made its way to the United States. Here, the modern “Mocha Latte” made with espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate, or put more simply, the Mocha, was born. The name comes from Moka, a famous coffee port in Yemen, which is known for coffees with notes of chocolate in the cup. 


Much later, in 2009, Geoffrey Meeker was inspired by a bag of coffee, roasted just two days before, brought to him by a cousin from San Francisco. Drinking it was a revelation for him about what is at the core of all good food: use the best, freshest ingredients you can, treat them properly, serve them immediately, and the results will always be better than anything mass-produced. With these values in mind, Geoffrey founded New Orleans-based French Truck Coffee in 2012.  
French Truck’s “La Belle Noir” espresso blend was the perfect choice for this mocha nut butter project. A blend of Latin American and Ethiopian coffees, it offers buoyantly sweet notes of cocoa, dried cherry, and dark berry fruit that harmonize wonderfully with chocolate and fresh-roasted almonds.  


We love not only French Truck’s quality, but also their unwavering passion for doing things the right way, taking care of everyone involved in their supply chain, and building community in their backyard and beyond. We’re honored to partner with them for this exciting, first-of-its-kind Limited Batch! 

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