Staff Picks Trio featuring Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter, Hot Mamba Spicy Peanut Butter, and Peanut Pecan Butter
Sydney Van Ord holds her Staff Picks Trio.
  • Sydney Van Ord holds her Staff Picks Trio.

Staff Picks Seasonal Nut Butter Trio

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Our 2023 Spring Staff Trio was curated by Nut Butter Team Lead Sydney Van Ord, or as we know her, Syd! Syd spends a lot of time tasting nut butters as a part of our extensive quality control protocol, so you can trust that she’s weighed all her nut butter options evenly in curating her Staff Picks Trio!  

Syd’s Staff Picks Trio contains one 13oz jar, each, of the following nut butters (her words about each in italics): 

Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter: 

This was a tough choice. Truthfully, through the years, our chocolate recipes have evolved so much, that it was difficult to settle on this guy. Considering this was the first BSR product I ever tried, and in turn, the one that got me hooked, I think it deserves to be in this lineup. Imagine a chocolate-covered almond in a smooth spoonful – what else is there to say? 

Hot Mamba Spicy Peanut Butter 

This love was a slow burn for sure. While it took a lot to find Mamba’s place in my diet, it has now become a weekly addition to my meals. I like to use it as a base for peanut sauce to dip rolls and dumplings, and as a savory dollop of sweet & spicy in noodle dishes & ramen. Hot Mamba is a winner and deserves a spot in everyone’s pantry.  

Peanut Pecan Butter with Wildflower Honey

What a simple butter! This one is included in my Trio because of its few ingredients, yet HUGE flavor. Days leading to Peanut Pecan production day smell so warm, as pounds of pecans get roasted fresh. Needless to say, I don’t mind taste-testing each batch of this nut butter! 


Learn more about Syd:


Syd joined the Big Spoon Roasters team in September 2021, bringing with her lots of food knowledge from her time as a Sustainable Agriculture major at Appalachian State University and her work on a local vegetable farm. Fun fact: Syd originally found out about BSR because her sister was a BSR-sponsored athlete as a member of the Raleigh Distance Project!    

Syd said she enjoys working at Big Spoon Roasters because of the family environment and friendships she finds at work. She shared, “
I’ve been able to come into a workplace and feel rewarded for sharing and bringing new ideas to the table. I’m also learning new skills that will help me in the future as I continue to grow as a person and work towards my own business dreams.”  

Outside of work, you can find Syd in the garden growing her own crops and tending to her two giant rabbits! She loves to be outdoors as much as possible, but when she finds herself indoors, Syd spends her time practicing guitar and piano (and snuggling bunnies, of course!). 

At BSR, Syd brings vibrant energy and enthusiasm to work that makes every day better! Quality & Training Lead Janet said, “Syd brings sunshine to work on a daily basis. After watching her skip through the factory while humming a tune, you may be tempted to think that magical elves make our nut butter, when in fact, it's just magical Sydney. She speaks the secret language of the cashew and walks the way of the peanut. She is a master nut-butter maker who inspires us all.”