Falling for Elvis Cocktail

A cocktail glass holding a banana peanut butter cocktail garnished with cinnamon and anise against a teal background.

We can’t help falling in love with this cocktail fit for a king. 


The “Falling for Elvis” blends Elvis’ favorite peanut butter and banana combo with the warm autumn spices of cinnamon and anise for a delicious, sweet-salty flavor profile that takes care of business.  




What you’ll need... 


2 oz extra creamy oat milk (can substitute for heavy cream) 

2 oz Big Spoon Roasters Banana Flax Wag Butter 

2 oz dark rum 

Ground cinnamon and anise, to taste 


Simply blend all ingredients together, on high, until smooth. Pour over ice and garnish with a cinnamon stick and whole anise stars (optional). Makes two.  


Perfect for inviting a pal over for a cocktail + Baz Luhrmann movie night.

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