Choose Your Own “Lum Lum” Adventure (with Recipes)

lum lum noodle dish in a bowl with noodles, lime, peas and tomatoes surrounding it

“Lum Lum” is slang for “delicious” in Northern Thailand.

On April 29 of this year, a nut butter from our R&D Batch series – Lum Lum Thai Curry Peanut & Cashew Butter – was honored as a 2024 Good Food Award Winner in the Pantry category. It’s a huge honor! We are so grateful and humbled for our recipe to be among such an incredible community of products, which the Good Food Awards recognize for both their amazing quality and the social responsibility of their makers. Read more about the Good Food Awards here. 

This award is especially exciting to us because Lum Lum’s flavor profile was inspired by the traditional Thai red curry paste (prik gaeng ped,  phonetically) that is foundational to many of our favorite Thai dishes. Popping with bright flavor, just the right amount of heat, and a perfect sweet-salty balance, Lum Lum is a ready-made dipping sauce for summer rolls, vegetables, or anything else you want to enhance with booming crunch and attention-grabbing spice. Its versatility in the kitchen is not unlike the Asian chili crunch condiments popping up in the grocery aisles these days. Lum Lum is a perfect way to enliven avocado toast, spice up noodles, and take your peanut butter cookies to sweet-salty umami heaven! 

Here are 10 ways we love to use Lum Lum in our kitchen: (substitute Lum Lum when the following recipes call for peanut butter) 

  1. Ramen enhancer! Just stir in a tablespoon for a richer broth. 
  2. Summer Roll & Crudité Dip. Open the jar and go!  Simply whisk in a little coconut milk if you want it to be thinner. 
  3. Chicken Satay Marinade or base for dipping sauce. 
  4. Thai Mock Chicken Lettuce Wrap Filling. Whisk together ¼ cup, each, Lum Lum, Teriyaki Sauce, and Pad Thai sauce. Brown your favorite mock meat grounds and stir in sauce. Fill crisp iceberg lettuce wraps and garnish with mint and basil leaves. 
  5. Thai “Pesto” Sauce. Sub Lum Lum for the seeds! 
  6. PB + Banana Basil Chard Wrap. Kale or mustard greens also work.
  7. Thai Peanut Noodles 
  8. Spicy Chocolate Chip PB Cookies 
  9. Spicy Thai Peanut Butter Ice Cream (Our friends at Salt & Straw in Oregon made amazing Lum Lum PB ice cream for the crowd at the Good Food Awards, and it was amazing!) 
  10. Spicy PB + Banana Smoothie 

Enjoy! If you make any of these, please share the results and tag us @bigspoonroasters on IG! 

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