August Featured Jam - American Spoon Red Raspberry Preserves

"Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup." - Wendell Berry
American Spoon Red Raspberry Preserves
Summertime doesn’t get sweeter than plucking a plump, juicy raspberry fresh from the vine. August’s featured jam, Red Raspberry Preserves from our friends at American Spoon, gives us that feeling with each dip of our spoon (and believe us, is tough to resist straight from the jar). This beautiful, ruby-red jam pairs perfectly with our Peanut Butter with Wildflower Honey or Toasted Coconut Almond Butter on dreamy picnic sandwiches. It’s also lovely slathered on your favorite pastry or on any version of toast. 
Since 1982, American Spoon has been preserving exquisite locally grown fruit in their Petoskey, MI, kitchen. After all these years, their crew of skilled cooks still prepares fruits by hand and cooks them with care using wooden paddles and small-batch copper kettles. They also still work directly with a dedicated group of Michigan farmers who grow the varieties of fruits they love: varieties bred over generations specifically for their unparalleled taste and unique character. 

We're thrilled to partner with American Spoon to present this beautiful August jam, available a la carte or in our curated AB&J and PB&J pairings while supplies last.

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