October Featured AB&J: Lemon Bird Preserves Bourbon Figs with Vanilla & Smoked Salt + Almond Butter

October Featured AB&J: Lemon Bird Preserves Bourbon Figs with Vanilla & Smoked Salt + Almond Butter

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Bourbon Figs with Vanilla Smoked Salt

Adriatic Figs, Sugar, Vanilla Bourbon, Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Applewood Smoked Salt.

Amy Deaver grew up making preserves and pickles with her grandmother in her midwest kitchen. But it wasn’t until a vacation in the South of France that she rediscovered her love of canning and jam making and returned home inspired. Soon thereafter she founded Lemon Bird Preserves, a business dedicated to using fresh local produce and old French techniques to make exquisite preserves and pickles. Amy and her small team carefully craft each batch in their Southern California kitchen. From washing and preparing the produce, to slow cooking in copper pots, and canning, every step is completed by hand. They take absolutely no shortcuts: a single batch can take anywhere from two to three days.

At the core of every batch of Lemon Bird Preserves is a love for produce procured from local, small family farms. When Amy’s favorite farmer’s trees exploded with Adriatic figs she knew just what to do with them; she concocted this month’s Featured Jam Bourbon Figs with Vanilla & Smoked Salt. Despite its Southern Californian roots, the result is distinctly of the American South. Reminiscent of a strong brew of southern sweet tea spiked with a touch of bourbon, this jam is perfect on top of biscuits or drizzled over pancakes with our Peanut Pecan Butter. 

We are so excited to offer Lemon Bird Preserves Bourbon Figs with Vanilla & Smoked Salt as our October 2019 Featured Jam. It is available via our website while supplies last á la carte and in recommended PB&J and AB&J pairings.

Almond Butter with Wildflower Honey & Sea Salt

Heirloom Mission Almonds, Raw Wildflower Honey, Jacobsen Sea Salt

The heirloom Mission variety almond, discovered in Texas in 1891, derives from a single chance seedling. Literally a late bloomer with smaller, denser buds and shorter, darker kernels than larger, more popular and “attractive” varieties such as NonpareilMission almonds like a longer, slower roast time and offer a deeper, more concentrated flavor. We think Mission almonds are perfect for almond butter, and we hope you agree! Made only with freshly roasted and milled Mission almonds blended with raw North Carolina wildflower honey and sea salt, our Almond Butter is intentionally simple and straight-up delicious.