March Featured PB&J: Peanut Pecan Butter + The Jam Stand Blueberry Bourbon Jam

March Featured PB&J: Peanut Pecan Butter + The Jam Stand Blueberry Bourbon Jam

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Peanut Pecan Butter

(Peanuts, Pecans, Wildflower Honey, Sea Salt)

The quintessential Southern nut butter, our Peanut Pecan Butter combines the rich, buttery sweetness of roasted pecans with peanuts slow-roasted to a deep amber.  The hints of sea salt and honey round out a flavor that our farmers’ market customers often call “addictive.”

Native to North America, pecans have been a staple food of Native Americans for thousands of years.  Pecans are a perfect example of a food that is both naturally delicious and nutritionally good for you.  Great sources of protein and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, pecans are also rich in tocopherols, a natural form of vitamin E that have been proven to reduce inflammation and harmful LDL cholesterol.

The Jam Stand Blueberry Bourbon Jam

(Blueberries, Sugar, Bourbon, Vanilla, and All Natural Pectin)

The Jam Stand began in an apartment kitchen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when two best friends - Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle - decided to create a food business that would be a true reflection of themselves and their community.

I first noticed Sabrina and Jessica’s jams at several shops in Brooklyn back in 2013. It seemed that in every shop that stocked our nut butters, The Jam Stand’s colorful glass jars were never more than a few feet away. As a Southerner in the big city, I was immediately drawn to their “You’re My Boy” Blueberry Bourbon jam and picked up a jar at The Brooklyn Kitchen. The following morning, after a gorgeous run in Prospect Park, I made a breakfast parfait with some local grass-fed yogurt, Early Bird granola, and dollops of the jam and our Peanut Pecan Butter. The blueberries, vanilla, and bourbon of the jam were perfect complements to the cool, bright yogurt and the dark, roasty flavor of our nut butter. It’s a go-to post-run breakfast to this day.

Self described as “Brooklyn’s happiest food company,” The Jam Stand proudly states that positivity is central to their ethos and approach to running a business. In today’s often jaded world of trendiness and over-marketed foodstuffs, we couldn’t love this approach more. It’s paying off for them, and so is the quality of their delicious jam. Case in point: not many small-batch jam makers are asked to collaborate with Häagen-Dazs!

While supplies last, we are so happy to offer The Jam Stand’s Blueberry Bourbon jam a la carte and in PB&J and AB&J pairings with our Peanut Pecan Butter and Mission Almond Butter, respectively.