March Featured Jam: V Smiley Preserves Blackcurrant Shiro Plum

March Featured Jam: V Smiley Preserves Blackcurrant Shiro Plum


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Shiro Plum, Honey, Blackcurrant, Lemon Juice

V Smiley grew up on a homestead in New Haven, Vermont. Her parents were back-to-the-landers, and she spent her childhood immersed in farm chores and creating pantry staples in their rustic farmhouse kitchen. This unique upbringing instilled a love of cooking and kitchen craft, which lead to a career in the culinary arts. V spent nine years on the west coast, learning from kitchen greats like James Beard Award winners Renee Erickson and Matt Dillon. 

V started her jam business while living in Seattle, but moved the operation as soon as possible back to New Haven with her partner, farmer Amy Johnson. "I've been intentionally gathering skills in order to get back to the land," she said. "I started this because I knew we were moving back and Amy would be growing stuff for me ... I want the farm to be the engine behind the business."

The connection with and respect for the land is evident in the impeccable jams V creates. She uses local honey rather than sugar to sweeten her jams and relies on long cook times instead of pectin to thicken her concoctions. This combination creates jams that are exceptionally fruit-focused, with a silken texture and a softer, more subtle sweetness than your typical jam.

This month's Featured Jam, Blackcurrant Shiro Plum, is exemplary of the V Smiley style. Tart and sweet Shiro plums swirled with berry-forward blackcurrants with just the right amount of sweet honey and bright lemon make this jam delicious and versatile. It’s tempting to eat straight from the jar, but we love it swirled into yogurt, on an English muffin, or paired with our classic Peanut Butter, drizzled over homemade pancakes

We are thrilled to offer V Smiley Preserves Blackcurrant Shiro Plum as our March 2020 Featured Jam. It's available while supplies last via our web shop á la carte and in recommended PB&J and AB&J pairings.