Maple Cinnamon Nut Butter

Maple Cinnamon Nut Butter


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Organic Runner Peanuts, Organic Pecans, Vermont Maple Syrup, Vietnamese "Saigon" Cinnamon, Jacobsen Sea Salt

For centuries, in the dense, hilly forests of what is now New England and Eastern Canada, at the beginning of each spring thaw, indigenous peoples used stone tools to cleave v-shaped incisions into the trunks of sugar maples (Acer saccharum), releasing slow runs of sap into birch bark buckets. The sap was concentrated into a thick syrup by either cooking or freezing off its water content and used to sweeten the game, catch, and forage nature provided. When the first European explorers and colonists arrived, they too fell in love with the sticky syrup’s intoxicating, complex flavors of blooming vanilla, golden toffee, and sugared snow. Maple syrup soon became to New England communities what honey is to bees - a defining feature of daily life - and its production remains one of the few New England agricultural processes that is not a European colonial import.

Three thousand miles away from these storied maple groves, the peoples of modern day Mexico have been collecting and cultivating the delicious, nutritious nuts of the pecan tree since pre-Columbian times. The Aztecs particularly favored both raw and roasted pecans for their natural medicinal properties. We owe much to the Aztecs, who also provided us with the first mention of peanut butter in human history: roasted peanuts pounded into a paste and used in sacred ceremonies. It is impossible thank them enough for this stroke of genius.

We've been thinking about a way to bring these iconic pan-American ingredients together for some time. Inspiration came while making an autumn oatmeal breakfast and listening to Levon Helm, the Arkansas-born songwriting savant who made his name in Eastern Canada and then solidified his legend on a farm in Woodstock, New York, where he maintained both a music studio and a “sugar house” for making maple syrup from trees on the property.

In our world, every bowl of oatmeal needs copious amounts of cinnamon, and when we tasted the first spoonful of hot cinnamony oatmeal spiked with Peanut Pecan Butter and fresh maple syrup around the time “Poor Old Dirt Farmer” hit the chorus, we knew the universe was telling us something, namely that these flavors were made to be together.

Our Maple Cinnamon nut butter combines fresh-roasted, coarsely milled NC Runner peanuts and Georgia pecans with Brattleboro, VT-based Coombs Family Farms maple syrup, Vietnamese “Saigon” cinnamon, and hand-harvested sea salt to create a uncommonly delicious, aromatic nut butter reminiscent of pecan pie spiked with maple and cinnamon.

10oz Jar 

Nutrition Facts per 2 Tbsp. (28.0g) Serving
Calories 175. Calories from Fat 117. Total Fat 13g. Saturated Fat 2.5g. Trans Fat 0g. Cholesterol 0mg. Sodium 40mg (2% recommended daily intake, or RDI). Total Carbohydrate 7g. Dietary Fiber 3g. Sugars 3g. Protein 7g. Iron 8% RDI.

Allergen Info:
Contains peanuts, pecans*
*All of our nut butters & bars are processed on shared equipment that handles almonds, cashews, cocoa, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, coconut, and pumpkin seeds.