February Featured Jam: Frog Hollow Farm Organic Blood Orange Strawberry Marmalade

February Featured Jam: Frog Hollow Farm Organic Blood Orange Strawberry Marmalade


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Frog Hollow Farm Organic Blood Oranges, Organic Strawberries, Organic Sugar

There’s so much to love about Frog Hollow Farm. Located about an hour east of San Francisco, the 242-acre farm has been growing stone fruit since 1976. In 1989, owner Farmer Al Courchesne decided to transition to organic and implement sustainable practices including composting, natural pest control, and a dedication to zero food waste. Frog Hollow Farm sells gorgeous fruit via retailers and directly to consumers via farmers’ markets. Fruits with slight imperfections go to community supported agriculture (CSA) members or are used in their jams and marmalades. If anything is too damaged, it goes into the compost and back to the soil. 

We discovered Frog Hollow Farm at their Ferry Building cafe in San Francisco. Specifically, we discovered their scuffin, a scone-muffin hybrid filled with a dollop of peach conserve created by co-owner and pastry chef Becky Courchesne. The first scuffin was one of those food memories that stick in your brain and won’t let go.  Be warned: once you taste Becky’s jam, it might have the same effect.

This month’s featured jam, Organic Blood Orange Strawberry Marmalade has a strikingly deep red color that reflects the incredible depth of flavor that occurs when bright blood orange meets classically sweet strawberry.  Frog Hollow makes the marmalade by hand with fresh, hand-picked blood oranges from their orchard, organic strawberries, and organic sugar. We love it paired with our Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter on top of crumpets for an elegant treat! 

We are so excited to offer Frog Hollow Farm Organic Blood Orange & Strawberry Marmalade as our February 2020 Featured Jam. Available via our web shop while supplies last á la carte and in recommended PB&J and AB&J pairings.