Almond Cocoa Butter

Almond Cocoa Butter


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(Heirloom Mission Almonds, Organic Stone Ground Chocolate Blend (Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Vanilla Beans), Organic Cocoa Nibs, Raw Wildflower Honey, and Sea Salt)

There are a few universal truths we all know.

- Love cannot be faked.
- Happiness = peaches in the summertime, apples in the fall.
- True fulfillment comes from thinking beyond oneself.
- Almonds and dark chocolate were made for each other.

Our Almond Cocoa blends freshly milled, fresh-roasted heirloom Mission variety almonds with stone-ground organic dark chocolate from Taza Chocolate, fresh-roasted cocoa nibs from Escazu Artisan Chocolates, raw wildflower honey, and a touch of sea salt to create a toasty, luscious dark chocolate almond butter with the perfect amount of crunch. This is the definitive chocolate lover’s almond butter, made for warm slices of toast, tart raspberry jam, and your biggest spoon.

Please note: While this recipe does not contain peanuts, it was crafted by hands that work with peanuts every day.

10oz jar - $13.95

Nutrition Facts per 2 Tbsp. (32.5g) Serving
Calories 180. Calories from Fat 140. Total Fat 15g. Saturated Fat 3g. Trans Fat 0g. Cholesterol 0mg. Sodium 25mg (1% recommended daily intake, or RDI). Total Carbohydrate 8g. Dietary Fiber 4g. Sugars 3g. Protein 7g. Calcium 8% RDI. Iron 6% RDI.