Big Spoon Roasters handcrafted nut butter served on silver spoon

Roaster's Choice Nut Butter Subscription


Our handcrafted nut butters and bars are made to order and typically ship in 3-5 business days. 

Includes FREE shipping! More details here: Shipping Information.

We use only the finest small lots of heirloom and locally grown ingredients in our nut butter recipes. Seasonal variations in these ingredients lead to subtle differences in each batch.

Our Roaster's Choice Nut Butter Subscription celebrates these seasonal shifts by featuring the stand-out nut butters of the moment. We might even include a subscriber exclusive test batch from time to time.

How it works:

Select subscription duration: We offer 3 or 6-month subscriptions, as well as an ongoing option you may cancel any time after the third shipment.

Select if you'd like to prepay (not available for ongoing subscriptions) or if you'd like for your credit card to be charged each month. 

We'll send one jar of nut butter, roasters choice, for the duration of your subscription. Subscriptions do not automatically renew. 

The Roaster's Choice Nut Butter Subscription usually includes a 10oz jar of the seasonal Limited Batch Series nut butter, as well as our standard 13oz jars.