September Featured Jam: INNA Jam Flavor King Pluot

September Featured Jam: INNA Jam Flavor King Pluot


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Organic Flavor King Pluots, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin

This month marks the third anniversary of our monthly Featured Jam series, which celebrates our favorite jam makers around the country. To commemorate this third birthday, we’re featuring one of our all-time favorites, California-based INNA Jam

There’s a reason we’ve featured INNA every year since our Featured Jam program’s inception; their jams are outrageously good and utterly uncompromising in quality. Dedicated to sourcing from farmers within a 150-mile radius of their Emeryville kitchen, founder Dafna Kory and her small team create jams that honor the inherent flavor of the fruit. 

Our September 2019 Featured Jam, Flavor King Pluot, is no exception. The unique California Flavor King pluot is a cross between a plum and apricot, featuring the bright floral notes of a plum with the summery sweetness of an apricot. With just fruit, unrefined cane sugar, and a touch of fruit pectin, this jam truly captures all the complexities of the pluot. With such robust flavor, Flavor King Pluot holds up beautifully in yogurt, baked into a tart, or paired with our nut butter in a big bowl of creamy oatmeal.