October Featured Jam: Farmer's Daughter Blackberry Jam

October Featured Jam: Farmer's Daughter Blackberry Jam


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(Blackberries, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt)

There's something inherently nostalgic about the first few weeks of autumn. It’s hard to say if it’s the cooling temperatures, changing leaves, or scent of the year's first lit chimneys, but the season inevitably pulls us toward the past and conjures the desire to make new cozy memories. Our October Featured Jam, Farmer’s Daughter Blackberry Jam - made only a few miles away in Hillsborough, NC - embodies this feeling and with good reason: founder and head jam maker April McGregor’s inspiration for this recipe came from childhood memories of homemade blackberry cobbler. During family reunions on their Mississippi farm, her great grandmother would make huge batches in the wash tub and serve it with ice cream. Back at home, April would pick blackberries from the thorny bushes near their house and her mother would turn them into that same cobbler.

With these happy memories in mind, she’s created her own blackberry jam, and its stunning taste is a testament to her family's cooking legacy. With just the right amount of sweetness and tartness, the flavor of these plump North Carolina blackberries absolutely sings. The beautiful, dark jewel-like color hints at the cobbler that was its inspiration and makes a promise of deep, complex flavor that carries through each bite.

April sources blackberries from
High Rock Farm in nearby Rockingham County, NC, and uses traditional techniques to slowly cook the jam without the use of pectin and with minimal added sugar (just enough to add a touch a sweetness, but let the taste of blackberry shine).

“Our goal is that our jams taste like the fruit that they are, only more concentrated and intense. To do this, we pack a full pint of berries into a half pint jar of preserves and use far less sugar than the industry standard,” wrote April. The result is a velvety jam that shows off the inherent characteristics of the fruit and the hard work of the farmer that produced it. We love it dolloped atop a fresh-baked baguette from the farmers' market with our Mission Almond Butter or Peanut Cashew Butter, served with a warm cup of tea. Or, follow April’s lead: she shared the first batch of the season with her six-year old son, Mo, spooned over vanilla ice cream while watching the sun set, making new memories to go with the old.

We are thrilled to offer Farmer’s Daughter Blackberry Jam as our October 2017 Featured Jam. While supplies last, it’s available
a la carte and in recommended PB&J and AB&J pairings in our web shop. Enjoy!