February Featured AB&J: Vintner's Kitchen Rogue Pear, Cranberry & Pinot Noir Jam + Tigerwalk Espresso Nut Butter

February Featured AB&J: Vintner's Kitchen Rogue Pear, Cranberry & Pinot Noir Jam + Tigerwalk Espresso Nut Butter

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Rogue Pear, Cranberry & Pinot Noir Jam


Pure Cane Sugar, Naumes Pears, Pinot Noir, Cranberries, Lemon Juice, Pectin, Cinnamon, Almond Extract

We were immediately struck by Vintner's Kitchen's compelling story of a family once spread across the country that reunited in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, where they turned their love of food and a shared table into a business.  

We were also undeniably intrigued by their creative recipes, most of which feature a local or regional wine paired with local produce. We fell immediately in love with their Rogue Pear, Cranberry & Pinot Noir Jam and thought it was perfect for our February 2019 Featured Jam. Sweet Naumes pears combine with tangy and tart cranberries to create a brightly balanced fruit flavor, and the jam is carefully cooked to maintain bites of the satisfying pear texture. Hints of Pinot Noir round out the flavor profile, and lemon juice provides acidity, heightening the taste of each fruit. Finally, cinnamon and almond extract add subtle spice and nuttiness that make it a dream paired with our nut butters. We especially love this jam as part of a dessert fruit and nut tray featuring roasted nuts, dried fruit, and fair-trade chocolate.

Rogue Pear, Cranberry & Pinot Noir Jam is available while supplies last via our web shop à  la carte and in recommended PB&J and AB&J pairings. It’s the perfect Valentine's Day treat, and we are thrilled to offer it as our February 2019 Featured Jam.

Tigerwalk Espresso


Heirloom Mission Almonds, Oregon Hazelnuts, Equator Coffees & Teas Tigerwalk Espresso, Raw Organic Coconut Crystals, Organic Madagascar Vanilla, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Sea Salt 

This limited batch collaboration combines fresh-roasted heirloom California Mission almonds, Oregon Barcelona and Clark variety hazelnuts, coconut crystals, vanilla, cinnamon, and sea salt with Equator Coffees & Teas' flagship Tigerwalk Espresso and its signature flavors of caramel and cherry-toned chocolate. The new recipe is already a favorite at Big Spoon Roasters’ headquarters, where it has been seen dolloped atop fresh fruit, toast, and waffles (in addition to being enjoyed straight from the jar). We can attest that it is particularly delicious on a fresh-baked scone with a classic cappuccino.