December Featured Jam: INNA Black Mulberry Jam

December Featured Jam: INNA Black Mulberry Jam


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Black Mulberries, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin

When we started our #featuredjam series over two years ago, our goal was to share the incredible work of some of our favorite jam makers and offer products complementary to our own. That first year, we selected INNA as our featured maker for the ever-busy month of December, and the response from our customers was positive bordering on ecstatic. INNA sources all of their fruit from organic/sustainable farms within a 150-mile radius of their Emeryville, CA, kitchen and uses only single fruit varietals in each jam, allowing the fruit’s unique essence and subtleties to shine. Their recipes include less sugar than your typical commercial jam, providing just enough sweetness to highlight the fruit flavor. The result is a jam that, as founder Dafna Kory puts it, “tastes like the freshly picked fruit from which it was made, each jar a time capsule of flavor.” 

This December, we are honored to feature INNA for the third year in a row, offering their Black Mulberry Jam. The INNA team harvested the black mulberries themselves from a small farm (just 50 trees) in Dunnigan, CA. Because the berries ripen at different stages, the team had to return for multiple pickings. Talk about dedication! The harvest happens mid-summer, and because of the small size of the orchard, this jam is an extremely limited edition product. It's available only through INNA’s website, their brick and mortar shop, and on our web shop as our December Featured Jam!

Mulberries have a unique flavor and a delicate, soft texture that make comparisons to other fruits difficult. As the farmer who grew INNA's mulberries explains, “they taste like mulberries!”  In the deft hands of INNA’s small team, the naturally sweet, tart, complex flavor inherent to the mulberries is beautifully intensified, and the lovely texture is maintained, leaving the plump berries with a nice bite.

This delightful jam is the perfect addition to your morning toast and yogurt bowls or dolloped atop warm croissants paired with our Almond Coconut or Chai Spice Nut Butter. Available while supplies last a la carte, in recommended PB&J and AB&J pairings, and in our custom gift boxes.