Big Spoon Roasters limited edition coffee lovers box contents, containing a 10 oz. jar of Tigerwalk Espresso Nut Butter, Equator Coffee & Teas Tigerwalk Esspresso Beans, and a handmade coffee mug
Front of the limited edition gift box from Big Spoon Roasters
A 12 oz wheel-thrown mug, the design and texture of which is inspired by the aging, wrought iron gates of New Orleans

Limited Edition Coffee Lover's Gift Box

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Our collaboration with Equator Coffees & Teas led to the delicious, hugely popular Tigerwalk Espresso Nut Butter. We are so in love with this flavor combination and the espresso that inspired it; we've created this Limited Edition Coffee Lover’s Gift Box so that you can share this experience with the coffee and nut butter lovers in your life.

The gift box includes:

12 oz bag of Tigerwalk Espresso beans

Equator Coffee & Teas' flagship espresso blend Tigerwalk Espresso, was designed to highlight sweet, fruit forward flavors found in component coffees which include a bean from the Las Cristalina cooperative in Colombia, a fully washed coffee from Kenya, and a pulped-natural coffee from Brazil. Together, these three coffees create a well-balanced, sweet and creamy espresso with flavors of cherry-toned chocolate, strawberry, and lemon.

10 oz jar of our Tigerwalk Espresso Nut Butter

This limited batch collaboration combines fresh-roasted heirloom California Mission almonds, Oregon Barcelona and Clark variety hazelnuts, coconut crystals, vanilla, cinnamon, and sea salt with the coffee roaster's flagship Tigerwalk Espresso and its signature flavors of caramel and cherry-toned chocolate. The recipe is a favorite at Big Spoon Roasters’ headquarters, where it has been seen dolloped atop fresh fruit, toast, and waffles (in addition to being enjoyed straight from the jar).

Handmade Mug from Durham, NC-based artist Aimée Argote

A 12 oz wheel-thrown mug, the design and texture of which is inspired by the aging, wrought iron gates of New Orleans. Iron oxides are painted onto the outside, fired, then sanded down by hand. The resulting texture makes this cup wonderful and comforting to hold, and the contrasting matte and burnished finish awaken new and old. Food + dishwasher safe, though hand-washing is recommended. Made by hand + one of a kind.